Villa Terrace - downtown MKE - thoughts???

My fiance and I are seriously considering Villa Terrace for our ceremony and reception! We LOVE it! Also thinking of having Zilli for beverage and food.

I'm really nervous about picking our venue since it will be our first major decision, and I have looked at 4-5 other venues in MKE and have not liked anything!!

Has anyone had their wedding their or have been to one there? Thoughts? Advice?? Anything?! Thanks!

Re: Villa Terrace - downtown MKE - thoughts???

  • I haven't been there but had a friend who did a wedding there.  I've heard nothng but rave reviews about them.  Those who have used them have been ceremony only with reception elsewhere.

    We are also using Zilli's for catering and can't say enough about them.  They have been just wonderful to work with and the food tastes great.  We also have used them on other events so I can say the food at the tasting is really the food you get at the event.

    When is your wedding?  One piece of advice I would give is if you do love Villa Terrace don't wait on booking it.  I found, during the summertime atleast, choice vendors fill up quickly!  

  • We had our ceremony there - would've had the reception too but it wasn't big enough for the amount of people we had.  It's gorgeous and our pictures are just stunning.  I would highly recommend!  Staff were easy to work with and I would get married there again in a second!  Definitely don't wait on booking - we booked over a year and a half ahead and luckily our date was open but two other weekends that month were already booked.
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