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considering a wedding in Germany

I'm thinking about having a wedding in the Rhine region of Germany.  I have a location in mind for a castle wedding. I'm getting married legally in the U.S. before I go to my destination for the "wedding ceremony". Any suggestions on events co. for planning a reception &  a "symbolic ceremony" with a person to perform the ceremony? And approx cost?

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Re: considering a wedding in Germany

  • Wow! thx for the heads that's what a PPD is. I've seen that on here but wasn't sure what it meant.  You say this is quite common in Europe? I was really curious about that  some of the red tape involved with legalities for a destination wedding. Especially considering I don't reside there.  Also thx for the suggestions, I definitely will see if they mention any planners. I emailed the castle  website. they were very helpful & informative as to how they can accomodate a reception. They do weddings but needed  more info from me (date, no. of guests, etc). to give more info from there, so I'm still working on that part.
  • I couldn't agree more with your advice @icecreamcono we thought our Vegas wedding was going to be a maximum of 20 guests but we already have 26 guests booked and are expecting about 50 at the reception!!! And thats travelling from Australia, Europe and Africa! So definitely keep that in mind when putting together your guest list.

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  • Thx ladies...I do plan to limit my guest list. Both sides of my family are rather large & that's math I don't even wanna think about. I want a small intimate ceremony, I would rather invest in a beautiful/memorable ceremony than have a large uncomfortable day with a lot of people that I see maybe once a year (No offense to those that are into large weddings). Although I have hit a snag with my research, the castle I was interested in  are very limited in where they allow for a "ceremony" on the property. I would prefer to have it in that area of Germany so I guess it's back to the drawing board with checking out other castles in the area...there's no shortage of them. However, I actually stayed at this site while on vacation. So this may involve either enlisting a planner (budget permitting) or making a trip after a selection in made.  I have an alternate locale in mind in the Carribbean,  however, the heat/humidity are a concern with the Versailles Gardens (GORGEOUS LOCATION!!!) & melting in my dress, hair & makeup on my big day....Decisions, Decisions.
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