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Wedding Band!!

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My FI's wedding band finally came in. It fits perfectly and looks amazing. I think it also looks really awesome with my wedding set ( I will be wearing both my engagement ring and wedding band once we're married) which is great because my rings belonged to my grandmother on my dad's side. I am filled with excitement and had to share pictures!!!  The first is our rings on my hand and the other is his ring on his :)

Edited: The pictures posted opposite order of how I put them the first time so I edited the post.

Re: Wedding Band!!

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    The rings are all beautiful and wish you to wear them in the best of health and happiness.  I especially like the weave pattern of the groom's ring. Looks very symbolic of weaving two lives together.  
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    Very nice! I love how you have a meaningful wedding set. His ring goes so well.

    We picked up our wedding bands last weekend. Makes me feel like the wedding is that much closer.

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    @Lauderdale Pink     Thank you! 

    @fre3doms     Thanks and that is how we feel to. It made us even more excited!
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    The bands look great!

    Very exciting when the bands do come in. We got ours about 3 weeks ago and it was very exciting to try them on. 
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    @SP29    I loved trying them on! When we ordered his they said it would take about 4 weeks and it seemed like the longest 4 weeks - especially since I was waiting for HIS ring lol. Totally worth the wait though! 
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    I love both of them! I also really love the mix of yellow and white gold on FI's band! Very nice!
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    @katieg520  Thanks so much!
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    Love it! Your FI's ring looks really similar to a ring my FI was looking at but decided he wanted more gold than silver, but his is also two toned. I lovvve the two toned rings... says the person with a rose gold and sterling silver engagement ring :/
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    @melbelleup Thanks and your ring sounds like it's beautiful :)
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