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I bought my dress!

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I bought my dress yesterday! I had one that I really liked at David's Bridal, but something just wasn't quite right about it. Yesterday, my mom was in town (I live 500 miles away from home), so I decided to go to the boutique in town. I had e-mailed her asking if she had anything in my price range, and I said I wanted it in white, not ivory. She told me she could definitely work with that, but when we got there almost everything was ivory and well above my budget. I did try on a bunch, because they were really good about helping me narrow down exactly what I liked. I found one that I really like, but it was in ivory, and was only close to my price range because that one was on sale. Ordering it in white would have made it twice my budget. :(

Then my best friend suggested stopping by the other small little shop in town. When we got there, it was totally empty, so we had the run of the place. They told us to just start pulling things and trying them on, so we did! The ONE thing I really wanted was that it not be strapless. But I tried on one that was totally out-of-the-box, and I really liked it. It also fit SO much better than any other strapless dress I had tried on. So then I started trying on other strapless ones. We found this one, and thought it was out of budget, until she told us that those ones were 20% off. It is my perfect dress! And, while we were in there, the seamstress they work with stopped in and was able to answer a couple questions we had, and let me know that the few alterations I need will only be about $25! Yay!

(Don't want to leave the pictures out there forever...I'm goofy that way!)

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