Selling Shabby Chic/Rustic Wedding Decor (Killeen, Tx area)- $250 OBO

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I am selling my wedding decorations. They are very lightly used and still in great condition. I would like to sell my decorations in a group.

The items include:

  • 5 large and 5 medium boxes- Antique wooden square boxes (faded blue/gray paint)  
  • 3 large and 3 small boxes- Antique wooden circular boxes (faded blue/gray paint)
  • 4 boxes- Antique wooden rectangular boxes with 3 openings
  • 3 boxes (1 small, 1 medium, 1 large)- Antique wooden rectangular boxes (blue/gray paint)
  • 7 boxes- Antique wooden round boxes (all medium size, some faded gray color, some faded green color)
  • 2 wooden large woven baskets
  • 3 wooden medium woven baskets
  • 4 small trunks
  • 4 wooden picture frames (4x6)
  • 4 metal antique frames (4x6)
  • 3 small metal picture frame holders
  • 2 turquoise blue picture frames (4x4)
  • 4 large cup-shaped blue crackled glass candle holders
  • 4  large cup-shaped tan crackled glass candle holders
  • 2  small blue crackled glass candle holders (wine glass shaped)
  • 2 small tan crackled glass candle holders (wine glass shaped)
  • 6 small circular tan crackled glass candle holders
  • 2 medium circular tan crackled glass candle holders
  • 1 shabby chic small turquois chalkboard
  • 14 mason jars with I small piece of ribbon and a rhinestone around the middle


CONTACT INFO: mddaniell@mail.umhb.edu


Re: Selling Shabby Chic/Rustic Wedding Decor (Killeen, Tx area)- $250 OBO

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