Heinz chapel ceremony

Hi ladies! A friend of mines traveling to Pittsburgh for the first time for a wedding at heinz chapel. It's towards the end of may. I've never been to a ceremony there or set foot in it. Does it get super hot? Thanks :-)
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Re: Heinz chapel ceremony

  • I heard it gets very hot during the summer, it depends on the temp of that day. My fiance was a groomsman in July and he said it was very hot and that they handed out fans as a wedding favor.We are booking our wedding at Heinz on Monday for hopefully April 6 of next year
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  • I was there last July and it was SUPER hot!  They have large fans they try to push air around with, but it's usually blowing on the altar.  It's really, really hot, even with hand held fans.  Dress accordingly!
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  • Pittsburgh in May can be 90 degrees or 40 degrees or both in one day. Since Heinz doesn't have air conditioning the same will be true inside Heinz.
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