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Hi, we wanted some help on suggestions to give the photographer. We have two weeks till our wedding. I wanted to create a list of the kind of shots and locations to email to our photographer. If some one could possibly share the list they sent their photographer that would be great. All help and suggestions are appreciated. Thanks

Re: Photography decisions

  • I'm no help but think this thread can help a lot of us wanting to make a similar list!
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  • I'm just copying & pasting the post I made in the thread about Bently & Wilson, but this was my approach and it seemed to turn out well so far (I haven't seen the actual photos yet though).
    I listed all of the people I wanted shots with and which combinations of shots I wanted. For example I wanted a picture of us with only his siblings, a picture of us with both sets of parents, a picture of me with the bridesmaids etc - pretty standard stuff but I wanted to make sure i got pictures with all the important people and pictures that I can send out as gifts or thank-you cards.
    The more unusual requests I had included pictures of each set of parents on their own; pictures of each of the bridal party members with their significant others; etc. I also said I wanted a shot of our rings on a deck of cards, pictures of my shoes, the bridesmaids dresses all lined up etc - so that rather than making him go around and just take pictures of all the random objects I got some specific shots that were important to me.

    Then I also listed the styles that I liked and didn't like - for example I said I wanted more candid shots and I like shots that show people laughing and having a good time. I also said that I didn't want a ton of shots of us kissing since we're not PDA people at all, and I also said that I didn't want any "modelling" style shots where the bride is in these weird poses or doing strange stuff that isn't really wedding-related.

    If you are having a hard time with the photo list my advice is to ask your friends who have gotten married and find out what pictures they are happy they got and which ones they hate, as well as which pictures they didn't get that they wish they had. I also went through my married friends' facebook wedding pictures and got a very good idea of what styles I didn't want. Also Pinterest or even just googling "wedding picture inspiration" can give you some ideas too.
  • Where is your ceremony and reception?  Are going to be traveling around the strip?

    Here are a few ideas of places.

    - Las Vegas sign
    - Mirage has the Love sign
    - Bellagio gardens
    - Venetian (not sure if the BIG Christmas tree is up yet)
    - Water wall in front of Aria

    If you have time, I love what @kellamity suggested about the bridal party with their SOs, my FI was just in a wedding and we had really nice one done!  The bride and groom did them as a thank you to the wedding party.
    We had our dream wedding at Mirage on May 3, 2014! 
  • My ceremony is at the silver sky chapel. And my reception is down by the stratosphere
  • hey, my wedding is 2 weeks away and at the strat too! are we date twins? lol
  • Thanks for the great advice @kellamity !

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  • close! I'm 11/10 and thanks for posting this, because now I figure I should have a list of photos I want too.
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