Reception Venue Questions

I'm getting ready to meet with some reception venues to decide which to go with. Does anyone have suggestions for questions I should ask or things I should look for? We're having a church wedding and a hotel reception. Thanks!

Re: Reception Venue Questions

  • Most things will be detailed in the package like price, food, drinks, but things that might not be are linens- ask what the standard linens are and ask to see what they look like. The standard linens vary greatly between hotels. Thankfully mine are decent so we didn't have to spend more to upgrade...unless there is a specific look you are going for. Parking- Ask them how much it would be for you to host parking, and it's ok to negotiate! Ask if they offer any other sort of decor like candles, etc. you should also ask if there is a time limit for your event and if there could be other events at the same time. Hopefully that was helpful.

    We got married 11/3/12!!

  • This website has a document you can download that includes a really good comprehensive list of questions to ask the venue.


  • Great! Thanks ladies! 
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