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Michigan-Grand Rapids

Welcome to the Grand Rapids Board!

akhensley81akhensley81 member
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Welcome to the Knot's Grand Rapids Board! I have been the mod for the board for a while now, and finally decided it was time to repost this message. :)

If you have any community questions contact @KnotPorscha.

Please feel free to introduce yourself on the board and to ask any wedding related (or even non wedding related) questions - don't be shy!  We are all here to help, and the more posters we have, the more helpful the board is for all those involved!!

Alternate (TV-Free) Link for the Board:

If you are sick of the huge TV that takes up the top half of your screen and would like the board to load faster, use the following link to access the board:



For all those new knotties, or even those that may need a refresher, here are answers to the most FAQ's regarding the boards:  http://tinyurl.com/y9cfr8h 

If you need help learning how to link your bio to your siggy or how to put a picture into your siggy, check this website out - it is very helpful.  http://sites.google.com/site/knotcodes/home

Vendor Info:

This board has been having some issues with vendors, so I just wanted to share some of the ground rules in order to keep the board running smoothly and drama free....

Vendor are NOT allowed to post on the boards trying to promote their business. While we love all our knotties, if you happen to have a business, you are still more than welcomed on our board but you are not allowed to promote it or mention it whatsoever. No links in your siggy or bios that your siggy may lead to.

If you are letting another knottie know about a knottie whose business you used you ARE NOT allowed to say "KnottieTarah (or Knottie Tarah716) is a great photographer - she did my wedding and it was wonderful."  You CAN say "I used Much Love Photography and my pictures came out amazing! You should check them out."  Meaning - you are not allowed to say "Knottie" in your rec. - it's promoting a business of a knottie.

Also - if you are a knottie/vendor and your business has your name in it - it is not allowed to be posted here. If my photography business was named Tarah716's Photography - I could not have it posted here - by anyone.

Any reference to "knottie" or knot screen names are not allowed in vendor promotion - any posts that break this rule will be deleted. Any bios that break this rule will be asked to change or the link will be deleted from the signature.

You cannot attach yourself to a vendor / suggest a vendor because you know them personally. For example saying "My sister/brother/grandfather/BM/GM/mom/dad/friend/co-worker has their own photography business, you should check them out" would not be allowed and will be deleted.

Any posts promoting a vendor that are obviously being made by someone who is a friend, family member, etc. of that vendor will be deleted as well. 

Like I mentioned above, if you have any other questions or concerns,please contact @KnotPorscha.

Re: Welcome to the Grand Rapids Board!

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