Wedding in Springfield, MO (or nearby)

Hey everyone,
I'm looking for suggestions for ceremony and reception sites in Springfield and surrounding areas. It doesn't have to be the same location for both, I'm leaning towards a church wedding and then a separate reception site. I haven't visited anything yet but will be making a trip back there in a few weeks (we live out of state but my family lives there and my fiance and I lived there for a few years) and I would like to have some places lined up to look at. I have heard of a few places but would like to know what else is out there, so if anyone knows of any venues or has any suggestions, tips, warnings, etc., about sites they know of, I would love the advice. We will probably have about 125 people and are looking to get married Spring 2011.

Thanks, I appreciate all the help!

Re: Wedding in Springfield, MO (or nearby)

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    You should try Samuel Cedars, the place is really nice, and has accomodations for indoor or outdoor receptions. Also Highland Place is awesome. There is also Ms. Gilmores Carriage House. We are actually having our wedding and reception at a community center in a park and it is really pretty and a great deal for the price.
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    Thank you so much for your response, I'll be back in Springfield this week and have added your suggestions to my list of places to see! I appreciate your help!!
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    I am getting married at Swan creek chapel. It is beautiful and inexpensive. you can have your wedding at the chapel and reception at the farm house. its awesome.
    www.swancreekcapel.com -or they are on facebook
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    I had my wedding at Elfindale Chapel  http://www.mansionatelfindale.com/
    and my reception at http://www.executiveconference.net/
    both places were phenomenal and the people who worked there were extremely helpful.  I highly suggest both places and a bonus, they are only within 2 miles of eachother.
    Good luck!
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    We are getting married at Affinity Ballroom.. We will have an outdoor ceremony and then the reception is inside and out. It is beautiful! The website is www.417receptions.com My brother got married at University Heights Baptist in SPringfield. It is a gorgeous church! Then they had their reception at a country club.
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