Weekend plans?

Hey everyone,

What are your plans for the weekend, WR (wedding related) and NWR (non wedding related)?

WR: Finalizing wording for our invitations, going shopping to try and find some shoes, booking b pics with Tess, and hopefully getting FI to sit down and talk to me about some other details (music, honeymoon, etc). I feel like I'm getting behind!

NWR: We just moved, so doing some more unpacking and organizing, and hopefully some relaxing. Also doing a final walkthrough with our landlord so we can get our security deposit back!

Re: Weekend plans?

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    WR: Dress and photographs!

    NWR: We have a mortgage loan meeting today, and from there hopefully we can start looking for a house!
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    WR: Cake tasting... YAY! We're going to Jessica Parrott's place. Booking photos with Tess :)

    NWR: Apartment hunting & starting to pack things we don't use (our books and dvds and stuff). Bleh. We were hoping to wait til after the wedding and have our next move be into a house, BUT our neighborhood is really sketching me out (it changed from young families to a rather "rough" crowd that fights a lot and deals drugs in front of our place in the 18 months we've lived here). Our landlord literally said, "I can't say as I blame you. We'd leave if we could!"

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    WR - Continuing to work on our budget.  Make a list of stores I want to go to for dress shopping.  

    NWR - Celebrating my fiance's brother's wife's birthday (that's a mouthful).  And unpacking boxes - we moved awhile ago, but those last boxes always seem to take so long!
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    WR: going to Davids with my out of town bridesmaid so she can get measured for the dress. signing my dj contract and starting to work on my invitation wording.

    NWR: I have to work saturday morning, pick up a bookshelf from my dad's saturday afternoon and then organize all my dvds, books, cds, and various knick knacks. super fun. YAY ME.
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