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Royal Wedding hymn...

So when the first strains of the first hymn started playing I got all excited because its a common hymn that I really like...yet did you notice not a single person seemed to be singing it properly? Even the queen was looking around and seemed to be lipsyncing! With the words in front of them I don't feel like it would be that hard...lol. And Prince Charles just kind of started at the program...oh boy.

Re: Royal Wedding hymn...

  • mattycammattycam member
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    Yes, I knew that hymn as well but unfortunately I guess a lot of them would not know the song if they don't go to church! 
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    It's just like when I sing in the worship team at church and look out and see people not singing- some people are just not into singing (like FI- he says he hears the words in his head and thinks about what they mean and they mean a lot to him- he just doesn't like to actually sing haha). Maybe that is what happened. But yea, I knew that song too. 
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    I loved the hymns they did!  Yeah, I agree with Ash about people not singing - it could be that maybe they're not church regulars and just don't know them, or maybe they just don't connect with church by singing the hymns, but they do better by listening.  Whatever.  I thought it was all beautiful, ALL of the music!! :-) 

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