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California-Los Angeles

A comment I had to share...

so if some of you remember me being a bit insecure about my glasses because of that girl who said I ruined the pics cux I wore them.

So reading through Nataly's comments I came across this one and this really brought a smile to my faceLaughing and totally made me feel confident!

I just had to share if anyone felt the same way I did at some point....

Hope said...

"Oh my fur and whiskers!" (to borrow from the White Rabbit ;)

These pictures are brilliant! I love how you managed to keep the romance and not let "the city" take the focus away from the couple. I've seen quite a few e-pics in Downtown and I always feel they look gritty and take away from the couple, but these are definitely chic and romantic.

I also LOVE how the bride wore glasses! I still feel weird that I wore mine for our e-session but honestly, I can't see so I'm glad that other brides are "keeping it real" and wearing their glasses.:)

I'm loving the purple and definitely loving the alice vibe. I can't wait to see their wedding.

Re: A comment I had to share...

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