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3 Photographers, bad idea?

I'm wondering if have 3 different photographers is a bad idea. I am considering 3 very special friends that all take amazing photos. Their styles are all different (classic/timeless, modern, edgy) and 2 of them would be free! Do you think it will be too much hassle to get those perfect shots?
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Re: 3 Photographers, bad idea?

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    Three photographers is a lot, but it really depends on how you feel about having them all roving around.

    Whatever you do, if you do decide to have more than one photographer make sure you get everyone together to lay down some ground rules and expectations.  It will help them all to meet one another beforehand and be able to ask you (and one another) any questions they may have. 

    It's much better to do that than to have them hashing things out on your wedding day and will also allow them to prevent stepping on each other's toes.
  • twilight.rosetwilight.rose member
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    We technically had three and it worked out fine (we hired two, and my husband, a professional photographer, took many of the detail shots, etc. himself.) They were all able to capture different moments/aspects of the day, and I have literally thousands of beautiful photos, so I'm glad we chose to have more than one photographer.

    Do make sure, though, that your photographers are okay with not being the only photog at the event. Some photographers have policies against this.
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    Typically when there are 3 wedding photographers at a wedding they are a TEAM. If they do not typically work together, and especially if they are new photographers, they will just be overwhelming. They will all be trying for the same shots and get in each others way, or worse, yours.

    Maybe if you talk to them ahead of time and ask them to coordinate before the wedding day so they know who is responsible for which pictures, it might work out okay... but if pictures are important to you, I would hire a professional team.

    Good luck!
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    Do you really need three photographers? How many guests are you inviting?
  • Bill PottsBill Potts member
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    If the two find out you paid the other, will they be mad?
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    Before you go ahead and do this, I'd suggest reading my post about picking who is doing your wedding photography.  http://fuccisphotos.com/blog/?p=103

    Generally, having friends or family do your photography is not the best idea.  It can ruin friendships or family relations if the photos don't turn out well.  That said, if you insist on having your friends do it, having 3 different people who don't normally work together could be problematic.  One needs to be designated as the head honcho.  They need to be the person with the most experience, and preferably the best camera and lenses.  Write up all the shots, and I mean ALL the shots, you want in advance.  Specifically make out the list of the group formals you want.  Only ONE person should shoot these.  If you have more than one photographer doing this, you will have wandering eyes in the photos.  

    If one friend is particularly artistic, have that person concentrate on detail shots.  If one is particularly good with people, have them concentrate on the candids.  Look at other photographer's sites and see examples of stuff you like and show it to them.  
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    My photographer has a policy (in his contract) that states that I can't hire another photographer or have anyone (including a relative) that goes over the top and in any way inhibits his ability to perform to his fullest abilities.

    I'd think it might be a little much- it'd be cool to have them all in different places getting different shots of guests and whatnot, but all photographing the same events (ceremony, cake cutting, first dance, etc) without any coordination would be very hard.

    I'm an amateur photographer and it'd drive me nuts to be shooting with someone I wasn't specifically working WITH.  You'd have to run it by all three to see what they thought- but if they're friends they may not voice their concerns because they don't want to hurt your feelings.
  • Belle2BeBelle2Be member
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    Hire the one in an official capacity, and ask the 2 friends to shoot as well. A good photographer can shoot around others.
  • lynccalyncca member
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    While a good photographer can shoot around others, they as the paid shooter shouldn't have to. They should be the one to get the best angle because they are paid (therefore required) to get the shot.

    On that note, other people don't bother me while I am shooting as long as they don't get int he way or direct people's attention otherwise.  But I like it to be known that I am the official photographer because I've had a over eager out of town relative that not many people know act obnoxious and people thought he was part of my team.  Ugh.
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