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St. Louis Metro Area

I need a very affordable place in my area (Troy, Edwardsville, Collinsville, IL area) to have my reception.  I'll consider Soulard or downtown as long as it's within my budget.  We love the Gateway Center, but it might be a little out of our budget.  Any have any suggestions?
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Re: St. Louis Metro Area

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    Well.. what is your budget and guest count? Cause I'm having mine at the Gateway Center and found that the price varies depending on a lot of stuff.. also are you looking for a venu that does the catering?

    Two places that I think were also pretty nice were the Woodlands Golf Course in Alton. It is $700 rental, $10/pp open bar and $12/pp buffet. (Its a really pretty place)

    Another place that is Michaels Restaurant in Highland.. It isn't as pretty, but its still decent. There is no room rental fee, and the food starts at $12/pp and not exceeding $15pp

    I hope that helps.. Those are the cheapest places I found that weren't some sort of "hall"


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    Oh. I forgot to mention our Gateway Center price is $4500 for 100 people with a $20/pp buffet annd beer/soda bar


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    The Gateway Center I'm thinking we are going to end up spending around 7500.  That's with 200 guests, minimal deocrations, cheapest food package, cheapest beer packages, taxes, gratuity etc.  Doesn't that seem high?

    I will check those out.  Thanks!
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    Yeah.. I would definitely look into other options. I mean Gateway Center is beautiful, but for 200 people thats gonna break the bank.. The Woodlands is absolutely gorgeous, but I'm not sure how much money you would be saving because I think you have to pay extra to use their linens.. Michaels.. ugh, I really don't know how to describe it.. Its really dark, and retro... but in an "this would have been gorgeous in the 80's" kind of way..

    Its just something I guess you'kk have to decide for yourself.. If you don't mind going to Belleville you can try Fischers or the Panorama Banquet Center they both are about $15/pp plus the bar and tax.. etc..

    let me know if you find anything good. I'm getting married in July 2011 so I know exactly what your going through.. I'm not finding many good vendors on this side of the river


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    Love the woodlands, but of course it's already booked.  I'm scared I'm going to lose my date.  It's the most popular date of the year apparently.
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  • CLSchrammCLSchramm member
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    Have you looked at Quail Ridge Lodge? You have to book waay in advance, but the place is stunning and a good price.
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