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Has anyone had their wedding at Salem Cross Inn in West Brookfield, MA? Or been to one here? I would love if anyone could share some of their wedding pictures with me so I can get a better feel for the size of the dance floor, setup, etc. Thank you in advance!!

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  • Hi Tanya, 

    I grew up a town over and it is the closest, nice venue in the area to where I lived so I have been there many times. For that rustic, farm feel - you really can't get a better deal. Their package prices are listed online and are phenominal. 

    Withi this said, I don't want my wedding there because I have litereally had every family funtion that I can remember there, so I am basically looking for it's dopleganger haha. But it's a nice space, good food and great vaule. 

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    The doppelganger of the Salem Cross Inn is the Publick House in Sturbridge.
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  • Thanks for the info! I visited it a few weekends ago and thought it was perfect but have read several reviews about multiple events occurring at the same time causing rushing, and that the dance floor in the barn is tiny. I'm going to look at it again this weekend, prepared this time with a list of questions! And Publick House is very rustic and beautiful! One of my good friends is getting married there this summer.
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