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Iowa-Des Moines

Newbie needing help!!

Okay, so I'm a total newbie here - this will be a second marriage for both me and my fiance (I have 3 kids, he has 1).  We are planning an outdoor wedding for mid-September.  

I need help with wedding colors (maid of honor is my 14-yr old daughter; flower girl is his daughter), where to look for a plus-sized wedding dress, etc.  My first wedding/marriage was not much, so I'd really like to make this a fun wedding. 

Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!

Re: Newbie needing help!!

  • You can pick whatever you want for your colors. I picked them by what type of flowers I wanted. I knew I wanted dark purple hydrangeas. So we went with an eggplant/charcoal/gray palatte. Maybe ask his daughter what she'd like to wear and go from there. Plus-size dresses: Start at David's Bridal. They have everything in every size, so I used it as a "Practice" before I went "real" shopping, not expecting to find anything because I went by myself on, like a Tuesday morning. Schaffer's has a lot of dresses, and some in plus sizes, also. I don't know your size, but even most designer dresses can be ordered up to sizes in the mid-20s or 30. I'd also recommend Weddings by Design and Stacey's (usually thought of for prom, but they have tons of bridal gowns, too). Good luck!
  • I agree with PP, pick whatever colors you like. H and I picked our favorite colors and went with those.

    For Plus Size I agree with David's. Also Weddings by Design is a great place They have a nice selection of plus size.

    You could do a fun outing with the girls and have them try on dresses for the wedding at David's, they have a nice selection of Bridesmaids dresses. They come in a lot of different colors.
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  • I found that Hopes Bridal also had a lot of plus sized gowns to choose from.  A lot of times, you can find some used on line (or here) for next to nothing.  Where in IA are you located?
  • Email me if you need a photographer! I will email you my link. [email protected] =-)
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