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Second Weddings

Need Input on possible 2 ceremonies?

It's a second wedding for both and I would like to do a destination wedding but also know that the groom wants a traditional religious wedding.  So I was thinking of doing a religious ceremony in church with reception in our home but also a civil ceremony on a cruise. Would it be to ridiculous to have two wedding ceremonies? Is it asking to much of guests to attend both if desired or if they could? So confused how to go about planning our wedding.

Re: Need Input on possible 2 ceremonies?

  • Please, unless the jurisdiction you've chosen requires two separate ceremonies, skip the double events.  It is quite possible to have a destination wedding in a Church (or whatever "religious" means to your fiance).  It simply requires detailed, advanced planning.

    What's the destination you have in mind?  What kind of Church/officiant/ceremony fulfills your fiance's requirements?  Choose the destination, find your venue (preferably one that hosts a lot of weddings), then work with the venue manager to find the type of officiant (or nearby Church) that meets your needs.

    This does not need to be one or the other.  You can definitely get this done with a single ceremony.  Good luck!

  • Ditto what Retread said, and on your honeymoon cruise you and your husband can take a moment on the deck of the ship or on a beach and repeat your vows.  
  • I'm having a very non-traditional set-up with a 9 person ceremony one month (including me, FI & officiant) then a large party planned a couple months later. We only invited our parents to the actual wedding ceremony (and even that wasn't the original plan but they asked). They're out of state and want to fly in. They'll also fly out again for the party. They are choosing to come, and are only 3 people (and have big stable grown up incomes). Asking a large group to come to 2 events seems silly and not realistic, to me. 
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