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199 Days to Go


Under 200 days! When I started out i was at around 300 days! Time flies!

Any tips on what to start now?

Already got the Save the Dates and invites ordered
Got the dress
Made the payments for videographer, photographer, venue, officiant.

Haven't booked the florist yet. She was working on some samples last I checked.

I want to start getting some ideas on Decor.

All so very exciting! Anyone else at 199 days?
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Re: 199 Days to Go

  • Woo hoo, I'm at 177 days!  O yes, time flies, im under 6 months now.  Exciing!!!!  :)  What kind of place are you having your reception? 
  • A formal beautiful building a half hr from our home

    what about you?
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  • Checklist, checklist, checklist! That is the one TK tool that I actually use!
  • Sounds like you're doing alright! I'm at 170 and I secretly love seeing girls with more days than me, lol, I bet everyone does. Just keep checking on your florist. A lot of girls have issues with them if no one else. Congrats on being under 200!
  • Whee! That is exciting! When I started, I was at 500-something. I'm at 400-something now. The one-year mark will be my big milestone. :)


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  • In Response to Re: 199 Days to Go:
    [QUOTE]Whee! That is exciting! When I started, I was at 500-something. I'm at 400-something now. The one-year mark will be my big milestone. :)
    Posted by Domino04[/QUOTE]
    Wow why such a long time?
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  • edited March 2012

    I'm at 189! Can't wait, I wish it was tomorrow!! Agree with the pp on using the knot check list.  I can be a bit redundant, but it’s very very useful! Good luck! Yay to east coast October brides!

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  • I am sooooooo jealous!  I have like 503 days to go Undecided

    The Knot has a great checklist.... I find it to be very helpful. 
  • Oh man...I could never imagine being engaged for over a year! How are you ladies doing that?! I would be planning and then replanning everything!
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  • I started planning my wedding like a month ago...Im not getting married until the end of next May but May and June being the most popular wedding dates, I was told that its best to get your reception and ceremony site booked ASAP so you can have the date you want....I feel like I am way ahead of schedule but I love planning stuff like this. Best of luck everyone Smile
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  • i agree Amanda.  I couldn't have that long of an engagment because i'd be planning and re-planning too!   We have 197 days! So exciting! 
  • I just realized this was posted 2 days ago.  We share the same date! :-)
  • In Response to Re: 199 Days to Go:
    [QUOTE]I just realized this was posted 2 days ago.  We share the same date! :-)
    Posted by lulu4150[/QUOTE]

    OMG yay! youre the first person I have come across to realize that!
    Where is your wedding?
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  • lulu4150lulu4150
    edited April 2012
    Mahanks Lakeview in Wolcott, CT


    Hopefully we'll have a pretty fall this year.   The view will be beautiful from the chapel if it does.  **Crossing fingers!!**

    you're site looks really pretty too! :-)
  • Thanks! I love all the wedding planning it is so much fun.

    Your site looks beautiful...Have you decided on colors or a theme?

    we are doing plum and white with the groomsmen in pinstripe tuxedo's.

    We are putting little black and white vinylmation's (link) on every table and using that as our recurring theme since we got engaged in Disney. We also are using fastpasses for escort cards

    so excited =)
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  • my mom and i are having tons of fun!

    our colors are going to be dark purple and burnt orange.  it may sound funny but if you google that color scheme its really pretty.  and our theme is double hearts, not too original but we like it Laughing

    those vinylmations and the fastpasses as escort cards is such a cute way to include how you guys got engaged!

    where are  you guys going on your honeymoon? 

    have your bridesmaids got their dresses yet?  we went a few weeks ago and one of my girls had a meltdown so it didn't go so well...
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