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Tent locations??

I was considering having a tented reception at my house, however, due to music restrictions and space, I want to look at what else may be available....Anyone have any thoughts on where else we could have a tented reception where we are not restrained by music cut-off times (ie. hotels, etc.)  I have already looked at Casa Rondena and Los Poblanos...

Thanks for any advice or ideas!

Re: Tent locations??

  • I know the Inn the Paradise has noise restrictions I believe the music has to end by 9-10 because FI and I looked there.  I also know that Prairie Star requires a tent if you have over a certain number of guests so they would probably allow it  as well.  I will say that FI and I were not impressed with the weeding coordinator there though she was kind of rude but she may just have been having a bad day.  Good luck!
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  • Try El Cielo estate in Santa Fe; a friend of mine got married there and had a huge tent outside.
  • Thank you all for your great suggestions!  I will look further into some of your suggestions!  Very much appreciated!

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