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So my fiance is 1 of 7, and all 4 of his brothers, his 2 sister, and his sister in law are groomsmen and bridesmaids in the wedding. We were just trying to figure out who was escorting who down the aisle, and while the couple that is married was easy, we were trying to figure out whether we should have his other 2 sisters walk down the aisle with his brothers or if we should have his sisters walk down with other groomsmen...
what do you guys think?
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Re: wedding party

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    If you don't care, you could ask them what they would prefer.
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    We have siblings and 2 married couples in our wedding. And we paired ours by how we wanted them to line up.

    Bridesmaids alternating height
    Matron of Honor: My sister (5'6")
    Matron of Honor: Friend (5'3")
    Bridesmaid: FI sister (5'5")
    Bridesmaid 2: Friend (5'2")

    Groomsmen: short to tall
    Best Man: FI brother (5'10")
    Groomsmen: My BIL MOH H (5'10')
    Groomsmen: Friend (6'1")
    Groomsmen 2: Friend Bridesmaid's 2 H (6'4")

    For pcitures we will have the married couples paired up. And the brother and sister paired.
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    I don't think it matters much, but I think most weddings I've been in have not paired siblings up. 

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    None of our wedding party is married. We have:

    MOH (friend) with BM (FI's brother)
    BM1 (FI's sister) with GM1 (FI's brother)
    BM2 (friend) with MB2 (my brother)

    we did this because we paired them up by height.. it just so happened that our "honour" attendants are the tallest, and obv FI's second bro will go before my bro on his side, which is also in decreasing order, so we decided to do that on my side too.. it doesn't really matter, I don't think.
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    I don't think it matters too much, honestly. I agree that if you don't care, you could ask them what they prefer.
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