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Yay for a friend, but boo for the result!!

I just found out that one of my good friends was accepted to a summer opera program in North Carolina!  She's got such a beautiful voice, and after her tough year of teaching, she certainly deserves this!  Unfortunately, the program starts the Monday before my wedding, and she was supposed to sing a duet at the ceremony!!  Oh noooo!!!!  She's going to call the program and ask if she can start late so she can sing.  I really hope she'll be able to find some way to sing, the day just wouldn't be the same without her!  And if she can't, then I need to find someone who can learn the song in time.

Oh the joys of planning...

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Re: Yay for a friend, but boo for the result!!

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    That is so exciting and wonderful for her! I hope they will understand and you can enjoy the day together
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    That's awesome for your friend. I hope the program understands.

    Edit: Spelling of awesome. I really need to go to bed....too much Chemistry for one day.
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    Yay for friend! Boo for you!

    I had a singer drop out on me...he was supposed to sing a duet with my MOH (both have AMAZING voices). But had a similar issue - he's in grad school as a performance major and realized he had a school-related performance that weekend. Thankfully, another one of our musically-inclined friends was available and is singing with my MOH. Phew.

    Hope it all works out for you!
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    Aw awesomely awesome for her!!  Definitely awesome and boo for you though.  :(  I'm sure it'll all work out!!

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    Aw, too bad.  That opera workshop is FANTASTIC -- I know several people who have participated in it over the years and they just rave and rave about how great it is.  :-)

    I guess you could hit your school of music buddies to find someone else?  Sorry about the stress, though ... it stinks to have to go and find someone else after you thought it was checked off the list. :-/ 
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    That is such a wonderful opportunity for her! One of my best friends who is a BM in my wedding and singing in my wedding is performing on a Disney cruise ship right now. Thankfully, she will be back soon and be able to be in and sing at my wedding. I am sorry your friend may not be able to make it to your wedding. I hope they allow her to begin late! If not, I'm sure you will find someone. I know it's not the same, though. I'll say a prayer! 
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