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Wedding cake stand rental?

I'm getting my wedding cake from Hansen's cake and they don't provide the cake stand. 

I'm looking for 18" silver embossed wedding cake stand. Any good places to rent it out?


Re: Wedding cake stand rental?

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    Most party rental stores have them. 
  • delila3451delila3451 member
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    How has your experience been with Hansen's? Our cake is included in our package and that's one of the places we get to choose from - yelp has very mixed reviews!

    Thanks in advance! (sorry, I'm not help with cake stands...I guess if we go with them, we'll need to find one too!)
  • jagore08jagore08 member
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    Have you asked them?  I'm sure they have suggestions if they don't rent them out.
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  • katzluv88katzluv88 member
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    Hansens!!! omg their cakes are amazing. They did my son's 1st birthday cake and i had to save half of it because it was so yummy... They are known all over LA by celebrites for their amazing cakes too.
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  • monet7383monet7383 member
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    I can't help with the cakestand question, but I can say that Hansen's is one of my favorite bakeries. They did my 25th bday cake and my sister's wedding cake. I'll try to find out what she did about getting her cake stands.
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    i'm selling mine for $50 :)

    18" round

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  • pnkprincess2pnkprincess2 member
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    We are renting our cake stand from Kennedy Couture Linens. They are renting the bottom part to me for $75. It's super cute in person. I am also renting napkin rings to match for like $1.00 each. 

  • cristinasucristinasu member
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    @jagore: The lady from Hansen's thinks that the cake stand is not needed.

    @delila: Hansen's is great! I went to the Beverly Hills show room as it's very close to where I live. They were super helpful and attentive.  We had two bakery options for the package that we got but our hotel manager higly recommended this place. I must have tried all flavors at this bakery over the two trips that I have gone. We will have to see until the wedding day how it turns out but I was pretty pleased with them.

    I think I'm going to make my own cakestand. Got some great ideas from website.
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    [QUOTE]i'm selling mine for $50 :) 18" round
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     Did you sell your cake stand? If it's still available, I'd like to buy it. Thanks!
  • Hi, I got married last February and used to search and then rent tables, chairs, a tent, a bar and some lounge furniture. It is a great site as you can search from a variety of vendors, get the best prices and see everything that is available in your area.  I bet they have cake stands. It is also good for generating ideas on different looks for your event.  Good luck and have fun!  Sandra
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