I need some advice.
 My fiance just got laid off, We are trying to cut corners and expenses.... I'm up in the air about having a 4 or 5 hour reception. Should we cut down on the reception or another area of the wedding?

 Any suggestions would be helpful

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    Did you think about having your reception on a Friday or Sunday or in the off season?  A lot of vendors discount their services on those days/time of year.
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    We went through this as well, only we both lost our jobs.  We live in London, my job allowed my visa to expire, I had to return to the US to aply for a new one, we spent a ton of money on visas and airfare.  It was a mess!

    We pushed our date back a year.  I was really sad about it at first, but I know we couldn't have afforded a wedding I would have been happy with if we kept our original date.  
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    We wanted to save wherever we could and found that getting married on  friday saved SO much money it was crazy!
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    I'm sorry, Shelly. 

    I agree with PP about using an off-date.  Also an off-time of year would help as well.  If you got married November-March, some venues charge less because it isn't a peak time. 

    Cutting an hour out of the reception would help as well.  But the biggest help is going to be cutting down on your guest list. It's a tough decision, but that's what will cut costs the most.   
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    I had planned my wedding for February and it literally cut the venue price in half. Also, we opted for a day reception with a morning wedding (11am ceremony, 12pm reception) rather than a dinner party.
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