Hair/Makeup for Bridesmaids/Family?

Hi guys! Can you help me out with a hair/makeup question? Is it customary to pay for everyone else's makeup and hair on the day of the wedding? I am a little nervous because I have 7 bridesmaids, a mom, stepmom, and soon to be mom-in-law that will all want these services. Is the alternative to just say, if you would like your hair and makeup done, it will be X dollars? What if the person I am interested in for these services has a 5 girl minimum and I don't know who will want to or be able to pay for these services yet? Anyone else dealing with these sticky issues? :) 

Re: Hair/Makeup for Bridesmaids/Family?

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    Hi av... When my sister got married, she paid for all of us to get our hair and makeup done, because she wanted it to look a certain way. If you are comfortable with your BMs doing their own hair, then you can tell them the option is available for them to get it done for X amount, but that they don't have to. It might be nice for you to pay for your mom and FMIL as a 'treat'. 

    I haven't heard of salons requiring a minimum. If you have four people, they should be happy to have those four people!
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