Help finding venue for less than $5000

We're getting married in July 2013 and have about 90 people on our list. I would love to have an outdoor ceremony and am open to having the reception at the same location or nearby. The reception could be outdoors or indoors.

I've been looking at places online and they're beautiful, but WAAAAY out of our budget. We're saving for a house which is way more important to us than an event that will be over in 5 hours and we're not putting on this wedding to impress anyone.

Can anyone suggest any ideas that would average out to about $40/person or less? Extras like the dress, flowers, decor, etc are part of a separate budget that we have so we don't need to take that into consideration when it comes to picking a venue.


Re: Help finding venue for less than $5000

  • 90 people is not an unreasonabe amount of guests to have for a beautiful backyard wedding.  Do you know anyone who might allow you to use their home?  You may be surprised how many friends/family members would love to host your wedding.  I know it sounds kind of crazy, but when I mentioned to some family friends that we were looking for rustic, outdoor venues for ceremony/reception atleast 4 people genuinely offered their homes.  
  • There's a place in South Jersey in Gibbsboro that is catered by McFadden's Caterers, Lakeside Manor-- they'll do an intimate reception outside, and then the reception indoors. It's worth checking out if Jersey is an option because the catering prices can be less than $40 a head, for sure (they have a number of different packages). I've been to two wedings there.
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  • Have you looked for venues on yet? They have links to a variety of ceremony and reception locations. There are also tabs for South Jersey, Central Jersey, Delaware and several counties in PA so it should provide a lot of options with different price points. Here's the link:

    Also, Registry10 has a 'house fund' as well as a 'honeymoon fund'. It's free too. It offers a tactful way of requesting these items in lieu of a wedding gift. My friend just used it as her wedding registry. Here is the link:

  • I tired lookng into estates or mansions to rent for the weekend or houses for rent and then just hiring a caterer from there. Might be worth a try. I wasnt having much luck but they may because I didnt look very much.
    Good luck
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