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That guest?!

Does anyone have a guest that is invited but you feel a little worried about their behavior? Or for those already married did anyone act out during your wedding?

I have an aunt who is a really good person but she has struggled with a drinking problem. She has been sober for years but she avoids alcohol at all costs. Also she is the type of person to say whatever is on her mind, even if it's at an inappropriate time. I believe she will be okay at the wedding but a part of me is a little worried. I have a cousin who volunteered to keep an eye on her.

How about you ladies? Is there anyone invited that you're a little concerned about? If so, are you taking any measures to reduce the risk of possible drama?
Wedding date July 7, 2012

Re: That guest?!

  • A close relative of mine has a drinking/substance abuse problem. We're still not sure if we're inviting her to my daughter's wedding. This woman is 60 years old, and her issue has become so severe that she is in a shelter. Her own children won't let her stay with them any more. She has stopped talking to me and to my daughter, but she is an extremely close relative, and we're just not sure whether to invite her. If we do, I'll be worried that she'll snatch tip money from the bathroom attendants (she has done that), go through people's bags (yup), or get drunk at the open bar (jeez yes). She has not acknowledged my daughter's engagement, which makes me feel better about not inviting her. I hate this. 
  • I'm a little worried about two of my guests - the son and his father. They are too much alike and the father is very critical of his son. I'm saving the details and summing up: father's an ass and the son is just a younger and less severe version. They are great with everyone else, but as I said, they are too much alike. Once they start drinking, I'm a little worried they might not get along, but I feel that they will behave. I've been friends with both for a long time, and I doubt they'll pull anything. The reason I'm unsure is how hot-headed they are. And the son is freshly 18. Still young and not able to control his temper yet. Neither has a good track record, but I'm sure they'll treat each other like strangers or vague acquaintances throughout the day. If not, my dad will step in as he's done before between those two since the son was knee-high to a grasshopper.
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