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Texas-San Antonio


These are photos one of our guests posted on facebook.  I can't wait for the pros and for people to start posting on our shutterfly account.

Our version of an aisle runner.  It's a vinyl decal.

bridesmaids -my SIL and best friend 2 of 4 - getting ready to enter (our friend was holding the doors open taking the photos)

Getting married!

Our Chaplain

Wedding Party

Grand Entrance as Husband and Wife (Ahhh.  I have a Husband!)

Chattting with Family

Father Daughter Dance

The League of Evil Villians (as they now call themselves) :)

Almost all of our family that attended (a few left before the photo)
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Re: Photos

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    Ohh! You got married at sunset station, I love it!

    Congrats! you make a beautiful bride :)
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  • txcyclisttxcyclist member
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    Congrats on your wedding - everything looked great! Do you mind telling me who you used for your officiant? Would you recommend him?

  • TTiger03TTiger03 member
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    His name is Arthur (Art) Homer.

    My original coordinator at Sunset Station recommended him.  He is fantastic!!  We love him so much.  He is a retired Colonel - Chaplain.  He loves weddings and was happy to let us design our own ceremony.  When we first met him he said we could do a traditional ceremony and he recited it but suggested that we could bring whatever we wanted into the ceremony and his only rules are nothing crude and no removing God.

    He doesn't rush through but instead reads and pauses and reads some more.  He wants the words to sink in and have meaning and not just be said.  It makes for a bit of a long ceremony depending on what you want.  We added in several touches that a lot of our guests had never seen before but all enjoyed.   Ours was about 40min long but everyone I and our parents talked to said they heard nothing but "That Chaplain was the best" type comments -- except from my Dad's cousin who kept insisting he was a priest even though everyone including Art tried to tell her he wasn't.  

    Art is not affiliated with his own church anymore since he is retired.  He is still legally capable of marrying (of course) but you will have to have your own venue.  This also means he doesn't have a traditional office, so we went to his home several times and sent emails.  He loves to travel, so don't be surprised if he is out of the country.  He will get back to you.

    His phone number is (210) 852-2865.

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    Your pictures are gorgeous! Congrats!
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