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Wedding Recap and Withdrawal

What made your wedding special and different?

What special things did you have at your wedding to make your wedding your own??

Re: What made your wedding special and different?

  • My husband.  

    Honestly, there's nothing you can do that hasn't been done before and if there was, there might be a good reason nobody's done it.  

    My wedding was special to me because it was my wedding and it was everything I wanted it to be.  If other people didn't feel it was different or special, that is not so important because it was special and different to us.  

    That said, my relatives were very happy to see me get married and very happy to be at the wedding.  They said it was the best wedding they'd ever been to.  If your relatives love and care for you, they will probably also enjoy your wedding very much as long as you feed them well, have good music and say hello. 

    That said, I will tell you what I did that made my wedding special for me personally.  We had a signature drink with champagne and an edible hibsicus flower floating in it with hibiscus syrup.  It was really good.  I had a princessy poofy dress that looked like Belle and I had my wedding in a theme park hotel that looked like an Italian palace.  Our guests got to stay at Universal for a super discounted rate 3 weeks after the grand opening of Harry Potter.  We had filet mignon and cheesy mashed potatoes which is my favorite meal.  We had a nice menu I designed that matched the invites on each table.  The bridesmaids wore my favorite color and the room was decorated with it.  For the ceremony, I wrote a few a cappella choral arrangements for a choir I hired to sing because a cappella music is my favorite and I wanted music that was very meaningful.  
  • Hi.  I didn't do anything too "different"....but for me, the things that I think were a little extra special were that we had a trio ensemble for our church and cocktail hour. It was beautiful and a little extra special and different than just an organ.  Also, not sure if this counts but my husband's two children were in the wedding and this made it really special.  One was a jr bridesmaid and was the first one to walk down aisle, and my flower girl ( the little one) was perfect in her white gown and walked down right before me. We also did "in lieu of favor donations".  I know a lot of people do this, but for me it was special because it was too a children's residential home where a foster child I had taken care of is now living.  It made us feel he was part of our day, because he is certainly part of my memories.
    We also dedicated our ceremony to my late grandmother who died a few months before my wedding, and we had a memory candle for her as well.
    I didn't have a signature drink, but we did have a raw bar with a huge ice sculpture because my husband and I absolutely love raw clams and oysters.  This cost a bit extra, but was well worth it. We also had a frozen vodka and caviar bar which our guests raved about!  Another special touch is that we got married in a "castle" type chapel, and it rained, so all of our pictures are inside, but they are really different and beautiful because we are inside the 'castle' so we have some really unique shots.  My sister gave a very memorable MOH speech...some people dont have MOH speak, but this was special to me.  My dad and I danced to the traditional version of somewhere over the rainbow...certainly not contemporary, but important to me and 'special'.  Also, my husband and I took some dance lessons which were a little pricey, but worth it because our first dance was so special and memorable becaue of it, and we will know those steps for life ( I hope!) 
    So, to echo pp...the special things we did may not be that special to others, but for us...they made our wedding the most memorable day of our lives!
  • To me It was the song I walked down the aisle to. It was a very special John Lennon song that only John Lennon fans would appreciate and we had many of them at the wedding. For the rest of my life when I hear that song I will remember walking down the aisle to my future and nothing else tops that.
  • I had a pianist play the Beauty and the Best song during the processsional and Kiss The Girl during the recessional. It sounded beautiful and was definitely unique!

    We also had a HUGE cupcake display complete with a giant cupcake topper (along with a 3 tiered cake)

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  • Our venue was partially outdoors, so we had firepits with smores stuff (big hit), and I also choreographed a hip hop dance for my father daughter dance (even BIGGER hit). Here's the link to my video of it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8nrsciQS7ZI
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  • One thing that made my wedding different is that we were married on a Wed night last Dec.  I  wanted a formal evening wedding and with Christmas and New Year's being on a Friday, I chose to have it on  Wed night.  People loved it, the church still had all beautiful Christmas decorations up.
    We also had a hot chocolate and donut hole table towards the end of the night.  People could add fresh shaved chocolate and whipped cream to their hot chocolate. I wanted something that would warm people up for the drive home.  People really loved that!
    But, marrying the man of my dreams made it most special day of my llife:)
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