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This is probably a long-shot, but does anyone know of a reasonably priced make-up artist that will travel to us on the Cape (South Yarmouth) and does not require everyone to use them (would be ok if just the Bride had their make-up done). 

I would like to have someone do my makeup, but I do not want to make my bridesmaids pay for their makeup if they don't want to/can't afford it. 

Oh, and someone who uses product other than MAC - I'm allergic :-(


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    Are you getting your hair done? You might want to check if the hair stylist does make up or could recommend someone. I am using Artworx and because only two of us are getting makeup, we are just having the same person do both.

    Hope that helps.
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    I went through this at first too - trying to find someone that would just do me but unfortunately after calling like 10 MUAs all had $200 minimums and for me to pay for everyone to get their makeup done was around $300.  So I just bit the bullet and am paying for everyone.  But also I was picky and only looked at MUAs already on the Cape (not coming from over the bridges) because I am getting married early Sunday AM and had nightmares of people getting lost/late/oversleeping that were coming from further away.  Sorry I don't have better answer!
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    Have you called Danielle Ross?  Her prices were very reasonable (for both brides and bridesmaids) and she'll come to you.  I got married in Chatham and she came out to the house I got ready at.  She has a ton of products and uses mineral makeup so it's not heavy whatsoever.

    Good luck!
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    Danielle Ross is great. I met her at an expo and she did a quick make up job on my friend and I and for a quick 15 mins she had a lot of insight and the make up she did came out great. She does have decent prices but require a min of people or a fee for just the bride.
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     I am a makeup artist myself, I freelance mostly by word of mouth right now. I live on cape and use MAC and Jane Iredale minerals. If you would like more information email me at [email protected] I have photos and prices are per person, with a mileage fee under 3 people.

    Sara Stark
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    My sister just went to the mall and talked to the girls there when she was planning her wedding (in NJ) - the Bobbi Brown rep she got was fabulous. Maybe this is something you could try (especially if you can't have certain kinds of makeup) and also work out the one person only thing upfront. 

    Otherwise, I have a friend of a friend who does Bobbi Brown makeup on the cape and who did my SIL's make-up for her wedding (came to her in South Yarmouth) - maybe she'd be ok with just one person. I can find out, if you want - let me know.
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