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Photographer and DJ help

We are looking for a photographer and DJ and need some recommendations. We can't afford too much. We had a photographer and dj but he seems not to want to contact us back after numerous phone calls and now our money is tied up with him b/c we did payments with him since we thought he would actually call us back(he is a friend of my cousin).

Re: Photographer and DJ help

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    My DJ is awesome & cheap- his name is Bernie White from Double B Extreme, his website is http://doublebextreme.com/

    Good Luck!
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    I'm using Two to Tango DJ's...it's a husband and wife team. My friend had them at her wedding and they were AWESOME! They really want to be sure they understand what type of music you and your fiance really like and enjoy. They aren't expensive either. If you google "two to tango" it will come up with their email address and phone number, they don't have a website for themselves...

    Also, if you go with them they offer videography for $100 on top of their DJ price and he really does a great job.
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