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I'm trying to find a winery tour for my bachelorette party, preferably less than $7/pp. I'm actually from CT and it's easiest for us to take the ferry from Bridgeport to Port Jeff, so something close to there would be great! 

Also, there's a winery in upstate NY that has cabin accommodations on their property with fire pits, picnic tables, etc, (but too far to expect my friends to travel for the weekend). If anyone knows of something similar in the area, please let me know! 


Re: Winery Tours/Cabin Accommodations

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    I haven't done a winery tour out east in a while, but I doubt you'll find something for $7/pp - it generally costs more than that to taste at just one vineyard.  Also, Port Jeff is on the North Shore in the middle of Suffolk County - it's nowhere near wine country, you're at least (at a bare, bare minimum) an hour away.  Finally, I don't know of any that have cabin accomodations like you're describing, although there are hotels and bed-and-breakfasts in the area.  For example:
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    I have not seen a winery tour for that price they are usually more money.  There are also only b&b and a couple of hotels out there. 
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    actually it would be much easier for you to take the ferry from new london to orient point as that ferry is very close to the wineries and port jeff is not.
    for $7 only? nope.  that's not even enough to pay for the tastings at most places.
    can one of you just bring the car on the ferry and be the designated driver? that would save you a TON of $ for the limo which will run a few hundred to start.


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    Whoops - I meant $70/pp! I was thinking we'd take a car on the ferry and then just do the winery tour from wherever we end up staying. New London is far from where I am in CT, but if that's where the wineries are, then that's what we should do! 
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