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I have a scar on my face, and Mederma did nothing for me. I want to try Vitamin C creams.  Has anyone used one of these? Which one's better? www.inviciblescars.com or www.murad.com/daily-vitamin-c-treatment.jsp or www.dermstore.com/product_Vitamin+C+and+E+Complex_2708.htm                                                                        

Re: scars

  • I have a large scar on my neck, and I have found that it only really fades over time. Mederma didn't work (and stinks). I tried vitamin C oil right on the scar and that didn't really work either. However, 6 years down the road it has faded and I've also gotten used to it. 

    I think that if it really bothers you, maybe you can cover it up with some makeup for the day of?

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  • You could try glycolic peels.  I have a few scars on my face and the glycolic peels have helped immensely.  You can still see them if you know where they are, but they are no where near as noticeable as they used to be.

  • vitamin E oil has helped faded scars for me
  • Vitamin C works best on the dark-pigment type scars, the kind you usually get from poking too much at cystic pimples.  If that's the kind you have, I actually just have a vitamin C face mask (the kind that doesn't dry) that I dab on my scars like it's a cream that I started using 2 weeks ago.  I put it on just before bed.  It may be my imagination, but it seems to already be helping immensly.

    I'd give something like that a try before spending the money on one of those expensive creams.
  • I don't know much about the others, but I work at a place that sells Murad products. I don't know what your scar is from (injury, acne, etc) but the Vitamin C is usually recommended for sun damage spots. I actually use it on my cheeks and it's made a huge difference, but from my sun damaged areas. I don't have scars there. If it's an acne scar, then Murad sells a similar serum specifically for acne scars that comes highly recommended. Maybe look into that if it's an acne scar. If it's not, then I would try some of PPs suggestions. =)
  • Depends on what kind of scar it is and how old.  I hear microdermabrasion works well for acne scars; I plan to try it this summer. 

    A few years ago I burned my stomach and legs pretty bad with boiled water, and I used Vaseline brand lotion with Vitamin E after it healed.  It worked really great, only a few faded marks from the 3rd-degree scars are still visible.  I use that lotion all the time now and I love my skin.
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  • IrisYael IrisYael member
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    Have you tried Rodan and Fields Dermatologists products.? The Unblemish regimen works well on acne scars. The Soothe regimen works on red , irritated and sensitive skin and the Reverse works for brown spots , dullness and sun damage.  Take a look at my Rodan and Fields site and click on to the "Solution Tools" .  The doctors will recommend a regimen for your skin type and problems after you answer some questions.  You can purchase what you need on- line and try it for 60 days.  If your not happy with the results you simply send back the used containers and get all your money back..What do you have to lose but your skin issues?  look at my site and contact me if youhave any questions..you will love these products!!   https://iLangman.myrandf.com

    or :  facebook.com/IrisLangmanSkincare

    wishing you all a wonderful and happy wedding with skin you'll be proud of for lifeSmile
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