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Retro and Vintage Weddings

Planning Bio List--September

Hey ladies and gents!

**NOTE** before posting your bio link, please read the [[SAFETY ISSUES]] thread.

If you would like your bio to be added to the Retro & Vintage Knottie Bio List (<--click) please include the following information:

Planning bio url: (you don't need to make it a clicky)

Wedding date: (month day, year)

Retro/vintage era inspiration: (example: "1940s" or "General")  Please write "general" if you don't have a main era of inspiration, and are drawing inspiration from a variety of eras.

Wedding colours: (main colour is written first, followed by accent colours)

Wedding theme/Inspiration:  Include UNDER 10 WORDS describing your wedding inspiration/theme.  (example: WWII garden tea party)


On the first of every month I'll be updating this Roll Call sticky to make it easier on me. :P

Lastly, I've also added a bio page for our married knotties.  Check out their bios here.  You may find some vintage/retro For Sale items!

Our Wedding Website
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Re: Planning Bio List--September

  • Hey Nukke, some of my info (well, a lot of it!) has changed. Our new date is September 2nd 2012. Our colors are tiffany blue and orange and our theme is sort of a 1950s glam cocktail party. Thanks!!
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    image 112 Are ready to party!
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    image 0 Are MIA!

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  • updated!  ^ . ^
    Our Wedding Website
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