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Groom's input on cake?

This seems as if a rather odd question to ask, but I wanted some input.  My fiance has taken the stance of "do whatever you want" for most of the wedding planning.  I would rather him have more input as I am very indecisive on my own, but that is simply the way it is.

The question is, how much input should he have on the actual wedding cake?  I know there is a groom's cake so is this cake technically mine or ours?  The reason I want to know is we are to go talk to the lady doing our cake soon and he has already expressed not really wanting to go and I am trying to determine if it is trully necessary for him to be there.


Re: Groom's input on cake?

  • My husband wanted a cake that would be a reflection of the two of us.  For this reason he was very much involved in the process.  He chose the design and flavors of the cake.  i was so excited that he was finally taking some interest that I just picked what he wanted : ).  He did a great job.  The cake was beautiful and delicious.
  • My FI likes to be involved with planning. He of course came to the cake tasting to try cake and then we decided together on flavors ect. 
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