Newly Engaged!!!

Hello everyone!
My FUTURE HUSBAND proposed to me on Christmas morning! I am new to the Knot and to the wedding planning in general. I am sure I will have lotssss of questions within the next 21 months, but my first is: Does anyone know of a reception site where you can bring your own caterer?! I am thinking anywhere between York, Portland, and Boothbay.. or anywhere in between! I have chefs in the family, and I think it's the ideal way for us to go.. but haven't come across many places yet...


Re: Newly Engaged!!!

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    Congratulations!  I don't have any suggestions for sites, but wanted to say welcome.

    Also, if your screen name is your real name, I highly suggest you create a new account with a much less obvious name.  All the girls who post here are great, but this site isn't as private as most people think, and a little anonymity goes a long way on the internet.
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    Congratulations!! Enjoy the planning process - it goes by fast!
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    Congrats! So exciting!

    One place we looked at was the Maine Maritime Museum in Bath, and you have to bring your own caterer there. It's kind of a nautical-type place, but it's right on the river and really pretty. That's the only place I can think of off the top of my head.

    Good luck!
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    we are having our wedding at camp ketcha in scarborough, and they allow you to bring in any caterer as long as they can provide licensing/insurance. the facility is huge, but very basic, which works for us because we're keeping it casual. however, if you are looking to have something fancy, it might not be the spot for you.
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    Congratulations! I just got engaged on Christmas morning too! :-)
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