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So reading through the forum posts it seems like experiences with David's Bridal vary greatly from one location to another. I'm curious if one David's Bridal is better than another for the Phoenix area. Either the Scottsdale or Paradise Valley locations would be easiest for me to get to, but I'm not opposed to traveling a bit for good service. 

Also, does anyone have any tips or tricks for navigating an initial visit there? This will be my first time trying on dresses and I'm nervous.


Re: David's Bridal Experiences

  • I've had good experiences at the PV location. I know it's not your area, but DO NOT go to the Arrowhead one. Absolutely awful.
  • I went to the Arrowhead salon and had an appointment scheduled (I understand they don't take walk-ins for bridal). This was my first stop for a wedding dress, and I didn't have the highest hopes because of other stories I heard. Ultimately, I wasn't impressed. The woman seemed annoyed with my low budget and didn't really seem interested in helping me narrow things down or helping me decide what I looked best in. Perhaps I had ridiculous expectations for what a bridal salon offered? The dresses themselves varied in quality, and I was a little annoyed that 3 of the 6 dresses I had wanted to try on that I found online were not available in stores. I would avoid that salon as PP stated.

    I ended up purchasing my dress at Marie'e at a sample sale and had a great experience. I definitely recommend them!
  • I had a really good experience at the Ahwatukee (101 & Ray) location.  It was as a walk in too, I didn't have an appointment scheduled. 

    I did end up buying my reception dress there for a really good price, and was very happy with it all around.
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  • At PV I never felt pressured and the lady was very helpful. That was for my first dress I bought and am now trying to sell. I went back for my flowergirl dress and that was awesome as well.
    I went to Arrowhead for my second dress since it's closer to my house. I should have known better since I had gone in a few months before for bridesmaid dresses and had an awful time.
     The woman was so pushy that it was unreal. I made it clear that I didn't want to buy the dress that day but would be making a follow up appointment with some of my bridesmaids. I wanted to make sure she got the commission since she helped me out so I was trying to figure out when she was scheduled and when I could come in. She was, once again, rude and told didn't want to tell me when she was working next!
    When I came in for the appt, she didn't even help me. In fact, she never even acknowledged I was there and helped someone else. I grabbed the dress and some others by myself and found my own fitting room. I thought it was insane that they don't "do" walkins but there wasn't a bride fitting room available. The kicker was that I found a bunch of dresses I had wanted to try on that she said had been discontinued and weren't in the store. They were on the sale rack. That's why she didn't want to show them to me. When I went to pay for the dress, they asked who had helped and I said no one. It's petty but I was pissed.

    Oh! One of my friends that was with me bought her dress at Arrowhead about a year and a half before. She was pressured into buying it because they said it was being discontinued. We found it on the rack that day....
  • I had an AMAZING experience at the PV one- everyone was always so friendly and helpful each time I went in.  One associate even spent 2 hours with my doing and undoing my corset dress while we found the right slip to go underneath.  She was so patient.  I spoke on the phone to a few people at the Arrowhead DB and they were impatient and rude with me.
  • I bought my dress at the Ahwatukee (101 & Ray) location last July. My experience was ok. I had an appointment, but the girl they had assigned to me was busy when we arrived, so we had to wait about a half an hour while she finished with another customer. There seemed to be other associates that were available, but instead of reassigning us a new girl, they had us wait. We pulled dresses while we waited so that I could start trying dresses on as soon as we had a room. When we started trying dresses on, the girl just brought random dresses we had pulled rather than have me choose which ones I liked most to try on first. Other than the dress I bought, there was only one other dress I tried on that I even liked, although my mother didn't like it at all. Luckily, my sister had pulled a fabulous dress that was perfect, although not what I had been expecting to get. My dress was on sale, plus I had a promotional card to get $50 off, and I got another 15% off for buying the underskirt and bra that same day. I was hesitant to say yes that day even though I loved the dress because it was my first time trying on dresses with my mom and sister there, and I was looking forward to being able to go out a few more times, but the associate and the store manager warned us that the dress had been in stock a while and could be discontinued soon. Needless to say, the dress is still available a year later. Unless it is a designer dress, such as from the Vera Wang collection at David's Bridal, most of the dress don't get discontinued very fast.

    I disliked that the associate that helped us find my dress kept calling me once a month for the next 6 months trying to set up a bridesmaids dress shopping appointment, even though I told her we couldn't look for those dresses until this summer since one of my bridesmaids is 14 and could grow (which she did).

    When I went to pick up my dress, they asked if I wanted to try it on. I said yes and they showed me to a room, but then I had to wait 15 minutes after I was in the dress for someone to finally come and zip it.

    The selection at David's Bridal is good and the prices are great, but the staff isn't always the greatest, which dampens the experience a bit.
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  • I had a good experience at the Ray & 101 location.  I had an appointment, but it was busy because it was on a Saturday, so the sales person was juggling about 3 brides.  I actually kind of liked that because she didn't hover like salespeople at other bridal shops I'd been to.  I wrote down several style numbers I wanted to try and she brought them out quickly and I tried on a few at a time.

    I made a second appointment for a weeknight and it was much less busy.  I found my dress and they let me wear it around the store for a bit (I wanted to make sure it would be comfortable) and try on different accessories with it to get an idea of what I wanted.

    I also had a good experience at the new Scottsdale location shopping for BM dresses.  It was for a friends wedding and we had about 10 girls go with us.  It was the middle of the day on a Friday so we basically had the store to ourselves and they were very helpful.  It's also a much nicer location as far as the decor goes because it used to be a Priscilla of Boston, but it's also a lot smaller, so they don't have as much in stock.
  • I had a good experience shopping at the Scottsdale one. The consultant hasn't really bugged me. Alos, that location used to be a Priscilla of Boston, so it's a little newer and nicer inside. Their selection is more limited though-no clearance gowns.
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  • Hmmm, I must be the only one here who had a great experience at DB Arrowhead location, lol.

    I got  my wedding dress, flower girl dress, and my rehearsal dress there at different times. Each time I worked with Eliana (spelling). She's great to say the least! If you have to go to Arrowhead, ask for her!
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  • I can't not tell you how happy I have been working with the new one at Fashion square on Camelback in Scottsdale. The manager Mandy is hands down the best! They have done so much for me, beyond thier "job" calls for. They have kept all my bridesmaids on track, kept me updated on where the dresses were and when they were getting to each girl, tracked down a few accessories from across the country and made me feel like the most special bride to ever shop there. My dress is so perfect and the alterations lady is sooooooo sweet! The consultant I used was Flor and she has been so sweet. Not pushy, not short, so patient! I highly recemond going there. PLUS, I got a Vera Wang dress and matchin shoes (BETTER THAN I HAD EVER IMAGINED, BOTH DRESS AND SHOES!) all under $1,000!

    I love going there to sa hi to all the girls, they are amazing!
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