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I was looking at Skyland Manor for my wedding venue. I have been on a general  tour of the castle but did not see the ballroom. I have seen pictures online of a large green room which I think can only be the ballroom. However when I called to ask about the ballroom I was told it was renovate and it now yellow. Frown

Does anyone have pictures of the newly renovated ballroom or can tell me how it looks.

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    I dont have info. On that, but can tell you overall that The Frungillo's are such lovely people who treat like family!!! I had met with Ben and he was such a warm host and delight to be around :)
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    I have talked to Brennon/Brendon(?) before. He answered every one of my questions and was so nice. I would love to give them business, but I really want to know what the ballroom looks like. Yellow is my least favorite color.

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    Congrats to you for being lucky enough to even think about having your wedding there. It was where we got engaged but is WAAAYYYY out of our price range! CONGRATS again!!!

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    I've seen pictures on facebook and the new room looks white to me.  NOT yellow.
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    I just looked on there facebook page and there is a wedding from late March on there. From what I can tell if the walls are yellow they are a very very soft yellow, looks almost like a beige, so you might be ok. Just a heads up I was in a wedding there 4 years ago in the beginning of sept, it was beautiful but the air conditioner wasn't that powerful, we were sweating a lot...hopefully that has change by now. The grounds are amazing. Best of luck on your search!

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    @ katiesmommy03  - Thank you!

    @ stapletond - I did not know there was a facebook page. Thank you. I will definitely have to join. I called back and Brennon said the walls are a pale gold.

    @ ants624 - Thank you. I am definitely going to have to find that facebook page. I plan to have my wedding in December. I hope it will be warm enough.
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    My fiance and I have booked the Skylands for our wedding next June. One of the reasons why I avoided seeing it was because I thought the walls were green too they're not! The walls are a beige/off white color. The only yellow-ish/orange-ish part is part of the ceiling that is hand painted. I can't say that's my favorite part but it's nice and we loved the castle so much we booked it. I know for a fact that they have a new picture of the ballroom on the website but if you need to see another pic I took some with my blackberry and can email them to you. 
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    whats the links to the facebook page for the skylands manor
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