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Hello Thursday!

Hope you ladies are all well! I thought I'd start a Thursday post since I don't always get to the daily posts.

Things have been going much better with LO. He's 11 weeks old today - I can hardly believe it! He's definitely become much easier to manage than he was in those first few weeks. Plus DH has been home with me; the project he was working on for his post doc wrapped up earlier than expected and he's decided to move on and look for a new job. It's been wonderful to have him around. LO has a super happy period every morning and many evenings, and we just can't get enough of his smiles. I'll update my siggy soon with a happier pic, lol.

He will be baptized in just a little over a week (Oct 8) and the plans are all set. I'm excited! I'm only trying to decide whether to get a cake for the reception. We're going to a nearby restaurant for late lunch and DH says that the menu desserts will be fine.

Also, I was at mass last Sunday and they made an announcement about the new translation of the mass. It occurred to me that my LO will grow up with the new translation and never even know the one we use now. Weird/cool?

Happy Thursday ladies!
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Re: Hello Thursday!

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    Oh my!  Look at him smile!   I am glad things are going a bit better for you, ringpop!

    I'm at home right now, waiting for Comcast to come install our cable.  Hopefully they come soon.  Otherwise, not too much is going on today.  H flys back tonight (he travels Mon-Thurs every week).  We don't have too many weekend plans.  Hopefully just some relaxing.
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    Ringpop - he is SOOO CUTE! Glad things are going well!

    Meg - My sister has been waiting 2 and a half weeks for Comcast to show up! YIKES!

    I'm getting over a stupid cold that my darling hubby gave me. Though he acted like it was a full on flu. Damn the MAN COLD!! They can be such little babies sometimes!

    We have a lot going on right now with hubby's career - possibly 3 job offers coming in within the next two weeks AND he is going to be appearing on his friend's show on MSNBC for the second time since it aired 3 weeks ago. I'm really happy for him because it has been such a slow progression and it was horribly depressing and demeaning for the past two years. Hoping and praying one of the 3 jobs come in with offers soon!

    We're also going away next weekend - ROAD TRIP - to Nashville to have a family "reunion" with my hubby's father's family from Ireland. We have only met his father's immediately family a few times and haven't met any aunts, uncles and cousins so we're excited. Plus I LOVE accents and the Irish accent is awesome! Also, his uncle is a priest working in Nicaragua so it will be amazing to speak with him.

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    Ringpop: He is absolutely adorable!!! :o)
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    What a sweet face!

    Sorry you are sick, Riss.  Feel better, soon!

    I stayed out WAY too late last night and am definitely paying the price for it today.  It's days like this I am thankful for such wonderful students -- they make coming in when I don't feel well totally worth my while.

    I bought tickets for the SMU/TCU game as a surprise for FI and they arrived today!  Game is this weekend.  We are cheering for SMU and I think I may have purchased tickets in the TCU student section.  Whoops!  Hopefully TCU won't completely whoop us and we will be justified in our obnoxious fandom.

    Getting RSVPs is so fun. 



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    Hi everyone!

    Today is my last day of work for the week. H and I are going to a concert tonight when I get off work at 4pm and then I am off tomorrow to sleep in. I am going to need it. Yesterday was a long day for me.

    H's interview yesterday went well and it looks like if they offer it to him, we will be moving yet again. This time it will be out of the central Ohio area, but at least we will still be close enough to family and friends.

    Riss - I hope you feel better soon
    ring_pop - he is adorable, I can't believe how much he has grown.
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    Riss - good luck to your H on jobs!  And Comcast came in the window they said they would, but Surprised for your sister.

    Missy - Here's praying your H's job comes through!  The job's in NE Ohio, right?  That's not too bad - like you said, its pretty easy to get from there back to central Ohio to see friends and family.  I think you'll be much happier there than you were in Georgia (I find anyway, that I'm very midwestern, and am happiest in the midwest, even with the weather).

    Prof - have fun this weekend.  And yes, getting RSVPs is aweseome!  It starts to feel really real at that point!
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    Ringpop - he is ADORABLE!! What a cutie pie!

    Missy Sue - I so pray for your husband, that he gets the job and that it works out well for him. This economy has been so hard...

    Professor - hope you have fun at your game!

    Riss - yay! for your hubby! Best wishes and safe journey on your road trip!

    We are 16 days and counting, and I think my feet won't touch the ground until after the wedding is over (and maybe not even then, LOL! We got our marriage license yesterday and FI was kind of annoyed with himself when we went to the grocery on the way home - he said he wanted to get a bottle of champagne to celebrate! So sweet.

    So much to do around the house before then, though, and trying to just tone up a few problem areas (arms, arms, arms, oh why did I get strapless?? <g>) but whatev-uh on that. It will look fine. I'll just lay my bouquet over the somewhat loose parts. I've lost a ton of weight and have in fact surpassed my target, but some things don't spring back when you're almost 50!

    Posted this yesterday, but it was a quiet list so I'll shamelessly repost: FI said he would wear his ring to church and on special occasions. I'll take it! I told him he looked sexy in it. <ggg>

    FSS's birthday is this weekend, so I head back to FI's on Saturday to celebrate with him and the fam, then back home on Sunday to give FI and son some quality time together.

    Have been training and driving the last few days and am beat, so I'm going to grab some din-din, watch Big Bang Theory, Project Runway, and Grey's Anatomy ;), then get some sleep.

    Hope everyone has a wonderful Thursday evening and Friday!

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    Linda - stuff is really coming together for you!  How exciting!
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    Holy crap baby ringy is cute!!!!!! And yay for more CW weddings! And which direction in Ohio would you be moving, Missy?
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    In Response to <a href="">Re: Hello Thursday!</a>:
    [QUOTE]Linda - stuff is really coming together for you!  How exciting!
    Posted by Meg1036[/QUOTE]<div>
    </div><div>I am totally totally excited, <img src="" border="0" alt="Laughing" title="Laughing" />

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    I just want to kiss little Pops chubby cheeks!
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    Oh my goodness.  He looks so adorable with the hat.

    I had a really rough day.  My cousin left her husband and it is a really bad situation.  My cousin has only told a handful of people.  This cousin is someone I easily consider one of my best friends. Then I found out my other cousin, who recently turned 18 and has been on a downward spiral for the past year, is pregnant.

    Also, H found out that Australia is looking for skilled laborers/contractors which would include H, an electrician.  We are seriously looking into it.  How amazing woulld that be to live in Australia for a year?  We are young and do not have any kids so why not?

    I'm just exhausted by all of this because it isn't information I can really talk to anyone about and I can't make it better.
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    Handbanana - WOW. To say you had a rough day is something of an understatement!!! Hugs to you & your family...sounds like some tough times ahead. But on the upside...Australia??? That would be incredible, and yes, if you have no kids or other financial constraints, I would go for it, with utter enthusiasm! Can't wait to hear what happens with that...and prayers, prayers for your cousins. Get some rest, dear! Linda
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    HandBanana - I lived in Australia for a while in 2006 (did an exchange program through my accounting firm). It is just amazing. If I could pick up all my family and close friends and bring them, I'd be moving there in a heartbeat!
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