New Knottie and a few questions!

Hello Everyone!

My fiance and I are both college students and after a two year engagement we've decided that the best move financially would be to get married sooner rather than later.  We're hoping to tie the knot by March with just our closest family and friends (no more than 35 people). Then in a few years when we can afford it, have a vow-renewal and a big reception that everyone can attend.  Up until now when looking at venues I've been thinking our guest list would be 85+ so I feel completely lost looking for a small venue!

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!  We'd like the ceremony and reception to be at the same location.  My uncle will, hopefully, be marrying us and I plan on doing flowers/centerpieces myself.  Just somewhere nice that we can sit down to a nice meal together after my fiance and I exchange vows!  Right now our budget is about $1200 unless a family member offers to help us out.


Re: New Knottie and a few questions!

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    What area of Maine are you looking to have your wedding in?
    This will help us give you suggestions.
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    Bangor, Portland or anywhere in between!
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    I would look into renting out a private room in a restaurant maybe... since you have a small guest list, you will have a lot of options.  You can find someplace with a beautiful view and delicious food and have a great reception, but as far as the ceremony, depends on the location, maybe a restaurant you find has gardens around it or even is on the water for a nice backdrop.  A lot of the restaurants we looked into were not big enough for our guestlist, but most of them didnt charge a rental fee, you just paid for the food and drinks.  You can save a lot by ordering lots of hors d'oeuvres instead of plated meals.. like a cocktail party, or even doing a brunch or lunch reception may be even more affordable.  Below are links to two places i've looked into.  Never been to Saltwater Grille, but looks like it could be nice. Royal River grillhouse has delicious food, and has a great deck that you can rent out.  I'm not positive but i think it's able to be heated and closed in for colder months, not sure about march though.

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    there is a thread a couple of posts down that has some suggestions for a guest list of about 30 but march is a little harder because the venue needs to be indoors.

    Like I said in the other post because it is small you can look at lots of options, unusual places like art galleries, small theaters, libraries, restauants...ect

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    Thank you!  I'll definately be contacting Royal River Grill House!
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