dress maker?

Is anyone having a dress made for them? Who is your dressmaker? How did you come to choose having your dress made rather than buying one that was already made? I haven't found a dress I love yet and want something simple, so I'm curious about having a dress made.

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    I'm not having my dress made, but have you tried Heidi Elnora?  She has a salon both here in Atlanta and in Birmingham.  She makes lots of beautiful custom gowns.
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    I haven't seen anything about that designer before. Thanks!
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    Hi, I did that for my first wedding because I wanted real silk satin, but I couldn't afford the dresses I really liked.  My cousin Maritza made it for me, and it was beautiful.  Send me a pm and I'll send you her info.  She works for a fashion designer and does the sewing for her.  She is in Acworth.
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    I bought my dress from a store, but I'm having a designer make a custom jacket for it. Haven't seen the finished product yet, but she is incredibly sweet and flexible, and comes very highly recommended. She's part of Studio Wed and her name is Erica Angeline.
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