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proposal speech or just the question and paris?

Hello all . The groom to be here woth a last minute question or two. I have written a 3 pagebletter to my gf that i wanted to read to her at the time i propose to her tomorrow but now im woderib if i shoukd ask the question and then read it or read it and then get on my knee and propose to her . Also i had a  song picked for the occasion to play while read and propose to her; somebody by depeche mode  

And the other question is should i propose to her at the eiffek tower as originally planned or by the bridge of locks so it wont be so expected or cliche?


Re: proposal speech or just the question and paris?

  • 1) My Fi did a nice speach before he proposed, which was lovely, but I'd time myself reading the letter first. If it's going to take several minutes to get through, I might consider saying somethin  sweet, proposing, and then giving her the letter to read herself. I have to say, I much prefered my FI just saying what he felt than just reading off pages. That's me though.

    2) I personally would prefer the bridge, but I'm not a fan of the effiel tower/would want a little more unique a place to talk about in a proposal story (since EVERYONE asks the first few months you're engaged). You know youre GF better than me though.
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  • Just want you to know the idea of the "bridge of locks" in Paris and various other countries got started from a scene in a movie that probably only came out less than 10 years ago; I am pretty sure it was an Italian rom-com. It has no historical significance, you are just copying the movie. So, if you are looking for a super romantic paris proposal, I wouldn't do it there. The Ponte Neuf, anywhere along the seine, or at the base of the eiffel tower at night are much more significant and classic locations
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    Congrats on your proposal! If it hasn't happened yet I also suggest avoiding the Eiffel tower or the "love bridges", unless you think she'd really appreciate either. 

    I got engaged in France just a month ago - we spent time in Paris, but he proposed on Mont Saint-Michel. It was amazing. :)
  • My FI forgot to even ask until later that night when his mom was like "what did you say Joe tell us everything?" He responed "I don't even remember what I said!!" My mom then said "did you atleast ask her?" I jumped in "he said 'so is that a yes?'!!" The moms then made him ask in front of them! it was cute!
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