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My Rant

Do you remember when my last internship site was going well, but my school didn't like something so they tried pulling me out?  If not, that is what happened...

THEY ARE DOING IT TO ME AGAIN!  They found out that my school doesn't make me report to parents and admins that I counsel student that smoke pot.  My school sup doesn't like this policy and is going to talk to her "legal counsel" but might be pulling me from my site.

Sigh, I am not saying that I would mind that due to other factors, but I am exhausted from being jerked around. And what if I don't get to another site? Then what? No graudation in 1 month?

Sigh----I am done.  I have no mental capacity for this anymore. 

end of rant and thanks for listening.

Re: My Rant

  • Awh, I am so sorry! If they do pull you from this site, I hope they have another placement lined up. You are so close to graduating!
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  • Um... that IMO is between the school and the placement office, and not your fault at all. I would find out exactly who's policies you are to follow and stick to them. You should only be doing what you are told. If they don't like that, then they shouldn't be taking interns.

    Sorry... placement offices are pissing me off too. They don't really seem to explain the procedures really well.
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