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The best way to lose weight is stress (not)

So within the last 7 days, I attended my MOH's wedding, I went on a 2-days business trip and our water was cut in our apartment building for almost 48 hours now because of an city aqueduct problem. And I lost 5 pounds.

Honestly, I was planning on losing a little weight before the wedding, but not by being over-stressed!! lol

I know I'll probably be stressed during a couple days/weeks prior to the wedding, so I think I should work on relaxation techniques as much as I work out if I want to look fresh and relaxed on the big day!

So ladies, what are your way/techniques to relax when you feel really stressed? I need some inspiration! Foot in mouth

Re: The best way to lose weight is stress (not)

  • Drink.lots.of.wine. LOL! In all seriousness, when I need to take the pressure off I have a big glass of wine, my favorite dinner, sit in front of the TV and watch hours of mind-numbing programming. Get a good nights rest and start over the next day! Going out with your friends does wonders too!

  • definetly WINE and working out...helps alot and is getting me into great shape!!
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  • Te-he! I'll make sure we always have wine supplies at home from now on! ;-) I agree a nice glass helps to relax!
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