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New Hampshire

Are any of you using Main Event DJs?

That's who I think we're going to go with but I didnt know if any of you had any opinions on if they are good or not. We like the idea of using the Uplighting which they offer a $250 discount on for booking with one of their DJs. Any thoughts good or bad on them before we commit?
Thank you!!
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Re: Are any of you using Main Event DJs?

  • dls.1215dls.1215 member
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    We used Kevin from Main Event for our wedding in 2010.   We loved him, he was a lot of fun but very willing to adapt to whatever we wanted.  And the company was awesome to work with as well, always got back to us quickly and very easy to work with.
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    We are using Kibar from Main Event, we are actually meeting with him Sunday to go over all of our song choices. He's even into letting FI use a song that he altered himself. Main Event and Kibar have been great to work with so far, I haven't heard anything bad about them on here.
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  • versedversed member
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    We had planned to use Main Event. We worked it out that we could use one of their newer dj's to keep in our budget. We tried to book the dj back about a year before our sept date, but they said it was too early. I brought my check book to book her at a bridal show - they don't book at shows. A week later, I called and tried to book her, but she was already booked and we lost months of time that we could have found someone else. Luckily, we found George Parker and not only is he in our budget, but he's also playing ceremony guitar for us.
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    Great, thanks for your input! We have an appontment on Wednesday to meet with them :)
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  • mariegramariegra member
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    We considered them, but decided to go with "Get Down Tonight" instead.
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  • ajweden84ajweden84 member
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    We're using Joey Dion from Main Event, and we are so excited! We definatly splurged on this part but we want people to have a good time! 

    They sent us videos of each DJ, and we booked him before we met him, feeling pretty good about it.  We met him at a 'meet the dj's night' and we then felt 110% that we made the right choice! I can't wait for our wedding!!!!
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    We are using Billy Rears from Main Event and he has been wonderful to work with so far!
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    Great!! I cant wait to have one more thing checked off the list. :)
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    I've gone to a couple weddings with Kibar from there now...he does a good job, but he plays some weird stuff. He played a lot of Disney songs and Where in the World is Carmen San Diego...at both weddings. We thought hat was strange!
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    I am in the process of looking for my DJ.  We are getting married next April.  We are looking between Main Event and Get Down Tonight.  There are DJs from both places that we like.  We had tried to work with Goodtime DJs, but they wanted up to book before we could sit down and talk to the DJ.  I was shocked that they expected someone to give them money before making sure that the DJ was a good fit.  It is good to hear that people have had some good experiences with Main Event.
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    Umm.. I love Disney, but Im not sure I want Disney songs played at my wedding haha Thanks for the heads up!
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    We are using Billy Rears as well! He has been great to work with so far and I can't wait for our wedding because the music is a huge part of the wedding.
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