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NWR: Nervous! Interview tips?

So tomorrow is the big day! I am nervous already! It has been awhile since I had to think about the interview process at all. Anyone have any tips or suggestions? I need to go through my closet, I don't even know what to wear! Lol

Re: NWR: Nervous! Interview tips?

  • Woooo! As someone who just had an interview my main tip is stay calm!! But also remember how awesome you are! Once my interview was over I felt so much better and I remembered that I actually know what I'm talking about! Try and get to that place BEFORE the interview ;)

    Bring copies of your resume!!

    Goodluck and let us know how it goes!!
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  • Make sure you are familiar with the company and shake the interviewers hand nice and firm (but not too firm)! Good luck:-)

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  • The best things I did before the interview I had for my current job were a) research the company and b) think of questions to ask the interviewer. By doing both of these things, you can hold a much stronger conversation and engage ther interviewer better. It will also show your enthusiasm about the company and the position. At the same time, you'll probably feel more relaxed having some of this prepation behind you. Good luck!
  • Definitely what PPs suggested. Good luck!
  • Dress like you already have the job!  The worst thing is to show up and not look the part.  Also, I always feel so confident in my nicer clothes.  I've been doing a lot of interviews lately and PPs have good suggestions.  Research the company, have a prepaired list of questions, and think of answers to questions you think the interviewer may ask you.  Be confident in yourself, confidence is super important.  You know you can do this job, correct?  Then let the interviewer know it too!  You'll kill it!  Keep us posted!
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  • Thanks guys :) I have been wanting a job with this company for awhile, so I know quite a bit about them. The job itself is VERY similar to what I do now, just more in person than phone contact with the customers, for a much smaller location. (I am currently in a large call centre based brokerage that services 6 provinces, all of which I am licensed in. This is a local community brokerage, they have many different locations but each is kept small and intimate to be part of the community). I have to go straight from work, and our work dress code is business casual but I think I will dress it up a bit more than I usually do just to show that extra care. 
    I SO want this job and I KNOW I can do it! There is nothing more I want short term right now than for this interview to go well lol 
  • Just a few tips.... Put yourself in the place of the interiewer, what questions would you ask then prepare your answers. Have some examples (actual or verbal) ready to show your capabilities, speaking with actual "data" to back them up. As impossible as it sounds try and go into the interview RELAXED!!!! Last but not least (for me this was always a biggie) wear your prettiest undies!! don't know why but that always make me feel better about everything!
    GL and I'm sure you will rock it!!Laughing
  • I was told to bring a cheat sheet with examples of highlights in your career you can glance at if you're stumped for answers. Also when answering questions like" tell me a time that you..." use the star method when answering. Make sure to explain the Situation, task, actions you took, results.
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    I met with some one in hr at work and she said an issue most ppl have is not completely answering a question. The method helps you get to the point in a way. And you're welcome!
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  • Wear something classy and professional and stand tall :)
    Good posture exudes confidence :)  And smile!
    Like other said, read up on the company and bring copies of your resume.

    Best of luck to you Britt!!!
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