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We Finally Bit the Bullet!

Well . . after talking about it for weeks, FH and I finally made it into Fitness First to see about getting a membership. We've also been toying with the idea of signing up for personal training.

About an hour and a small fortune later, we walked out with shiny new memberships and 6 months of personal training. We're not only hoping to look smaller and more fit in our wedding photos, but are really aiming to be physically fit and healthy when we decide to start our family. 

Wish us luck on our new endeavor!

Re: We Finally Bit the Bullet!

  • woot woot congrats
  • Good for you guys!!! That is awesome. I gotta say, my fitness journey is that much easier because my FI is on the same trip... so it's great that you guys have made the commitment together. 
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  • We go to the Y every morning. Well, almost every morning, lol. 5AM just comes too fast for my liking. So, this week we have decided in order to be able to sleep in a tad longer during the week, we will go on one weekend day. But, I do need to step it up cause Im not losing like i want to...And FI is doing it as well, and it took a lot for me to let him tag along. I hate having a workout partner! I listen to music and i feel rude if Im with someone and dont chat. So, we compromised. He can come along, but we are on machines on opposite ends, lol. No talking til we are done!!!

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  • Thanks for the words of encouragement ladies! I had my meeting with the trainer last night to go over my "body age" and set up our plan of attack. I am SO embarassed to say that according to this test my body is 35 (a whole 10 years older than I really am)Yell. BUT he says that if I stick to the program, work out at least 3 nights a week, and stay with my calorie limits I should be down to my high school weight by March/April and my body should be back down to being 22 or 23 years old. Woo hoo! Seing those numbers in black and white was really sobering and motivating. Can't wait to kick my own a$$! 

  • Walkers, go get some girl!!! I need to borrow some of your motivation. Hehe. We should get our weekly accountability thread going again!

    shilo, how do you convince yourself to get up at 5AM?! I consider myself a morning person but jeez, it is SO difficult for me to get myself up even before 7 to do my hour of cardio. I need to be getting up earlier so I can get to the office earlier, but I just can't convince myself to... LOL.
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