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Engagement etiquette

I am pretty sure my boyfriend is going to propose soon. He has already told me that he wants me to pick out the ring when he does. Plus my mother has offered us a diamond that was my grandmother's to use in the ring. So I know I won't have a ring right away. Is it bad to wait to tell my family until I have the ring? Is it bad to wait to tell everyone until I have the ring? I know that they will probably ask me about it before the ring is ready and I am afraid of hurting feelings if I wait to tell them. Part of why I want to wait is that I have thought of a really cute way to tell them.

Re: Engagement etiquette

  • I would just accept the diamond whenever she wants to give it to you, and talk to your BF and say that your mom gave you a diamond and that when you are engaged, you would like to incorporate it into the ring. As for telling people, I don't think you have to tell anyone until you're ready. I hope this answers your question. Good luck!
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