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maps with STD????

I need to put a map in with my STD to show all the hotels because I can not get a block of rooms. Has anyone else done this?? If so did you use a program so it looks professional or just draw it on a piece of paper????
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Re: maps with STD????

  • We have a block of rooms but wanted to offer more economical selections. We kept details off the STD, and just put our website.  On the site I have a page wit all the different hotels to choose from and their locations.
  • Why do you need a map?  You could just list the hotels with their addresses and phone numbers, and maybe put the distance from your wedding.
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  • is what a lot of the girls on my June board have used.

    We just used google maps and cut them down to size and enclosed one in each invite.
  • I agree with quotequeen: just list the hotels with their addresses and phone numbers
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