bouts or no bouts?

Good evening. Hope knotties are well. I was wondering about boutonnires. not sure if its spelt correctly. My lovely FI is not big on flowers as in, he thinks they are pointless. I'm thinking of not having bouts for the groom, groomsman, etc. And FI doesn't care if he has one or not. The florist I spoke to is quite flexible but mentioned that to have no bouts can look a bit strange not sure why exactly. Now, saying all of this, I will be having bouquets for myself, my MOH and my flower girl as well as corsages for my mum and MIL. Am I best to order 6 bouts for groom, groomsman, grooms son he'll be 17, my dad, FIL, and step dad? Sorry if this is long winded, just would like to know the best form. :

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Re: bouts or no bouts?

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    It's entirely between you and FI, but being the traditional old fogey that I am, I think they are great. They honor the recipient and make him stand out in the crowd. If cost is an issue, then they're less than $10 at the supermarket and not much more at the florist. You could even make them ahead with fake flowers from Michaels. At a minimum, I can't see less than your FI and the two dads wearing them.
  • if they are wearing a tuxedo they should be wearing a bout.  casual suit or shirt,optional
  • Thank you for your advice. Cost isnt a issue but its a good thing to consider. The boys will be wearing suits and ties with the possiblity of them all wearing blue converse (or maybe just the 17 year old). so its a bit more casual (or maybe a lot more casual)

    One more question if you wouldnt mind: Is it okay to have bouts for groom, groomsman and stepson only or is it proper to have bouts for fathers as well?

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    Above I wrote minimum for me would be the groom and two dads.
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    Since they are wearing suits, why not just have them wear pocket squares in your wedding colors.  The pocket squares could be patterned to give it a more unique touch.

  • My FI doesn't like flowers so we are doing pocket squares, here's a thread with a bunch of pictures it looks just fine.
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  • I am not doing male flowers. they don't want them and i don't really like them either. pocket squares seem to be the way to go if you decide that they do need something special. you could always pick out different squares for the different men. FI gets a special one, GM get all the same and then dads get matching ones. im doing different ones for all 4 guys to show their personality.
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